A moment away from the buzz

A weekly event, every Monday between 8:00 and 9:00 AM SLT.
The Monday sessions are repeated on Wednesdays between 12:00 and 1:00 PM.
Location: the Meditation area in MusicLAB at SLEA4

On the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting shorter and in the long hours of darkness nature prepares itself for a renewed growth in spring.
Humans seek light and companion through their ritual holidays, bringing candles, sharing food and maybe even some moments of reflection.

We at SLEA MusicLAB also like to experience some quiet moments away from the buzz. And – who knows – some moments of reflection. That is why we are offering a weekly music inspired group meditation. Whether your buzz is shopping, or partying, or chasing drama … we don’t judge. Whether you are looking for quietness to cure a hangover, to catch up with sleep or to find inner peace … we don’t judge. There is always a seat waiting for you!

You don’t need any prior experience with meditation, we will give a very short introduction to settle you in a comfortable way and then we let music guide us. Just come as you are and see what happens. The event typically includes some quiet warm-up time, two meditation sessions of approximately 20 minutes – each with a slightly different focus – and a break in between: you are welcome to attend both and hang around with a cup of tea during the break, or attend just one of them.

We weren’t MusicLAB if we would not have a fine selection of inspiring and surprising music – and guaranteed no pan flutes! Of course you can send us your musical or other suggestions through IM or notecard.

We hope to welcome you on Monday!

Renee Rebane

Disclaimer: we are not professional or even amateur meditation teachers. However, we strongly believe that there is a level of meditation that anyone can practice, in any given situation.

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