A Road Paved With Women’s Words


Join us Friday, October 14th, at 1 PM SLT

Location: The Temple of the Divine Feminine – Winter Goddess Temple

A Road Paved With Women’s Words – A panel discussion featuring authors and and SL magazine founders on what it means to have a woman’s voice in creativity and expression on a virtual platform. Virtual reality as a means to promote a more gender balanced, inclusive mentality. Each panel member will present their view on how women’s words can be used to pave the road.

All are welcome to participate with questions/comments. This event will be in voice and text in local chat.
The event will be moderated by SLEA Grant artist Kisma Reidling, Creator of The Temple of the Divine Feminine in SLEA Region 2.

Introduction of the panel members:

Lizzie Gudkov- When Two Words Become a New Path in Life

Lizzie Gudkov

Lizzie is a former language teacher from Portugal. She has published her work online in several blogs, including her own,

and actively participates in her writing community, the Virtual Writers, hosting and taking part in writing sessions.

Lizzie will take you on a journey of hope and healing, creativity and empowerment. She will tell you how virtual reality and words, many words, can change your life.

Jami Mills- Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online RezMagazine

Jami Mills, picture taken from Rezmagazine staff photo

Since its inception in 2011, RezMagazine  has been the go to magazine  for arts, culture, and  exploring the worlds of  music, fashion, poetry, fiction, the good life in SL and other virtual realms that can be explored by avatars.  

Angela Thespian- Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online FOCUS magazine

Angela Thespian, Picture taken from her twitter @AngelaThespian

From Focus online magazine  “….Virtual photography, which is our primary interest in FOCUS Magazine, endeavors to share the incredible art created by masses of people who may have never held a paint brush or attended an art class. We are one of many platforms that shed light on their art and, in turn, give them the pleasure of shining their own light.

Our mission is to raise awareness about how art of all mediums enhances individuals, society and the environment. Art is a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world. Creativity is a big part of the important path to happiness…”

Kisma Reidling- The Real Behind The Fiction

Kisma Reidling

In 1989 Kisma’s first book ‘An Act of Woman Power’ was published by Whitford Press. Today, she has 9 published non-fictions, 7 novels, one tarot deck, 3 oracle decks, over 42 magazine articles, a chapter inclusion in two anthologies, two calendars and has several blogs.

Information on her books can be found at: Faery Chronicles

Kisma shares how real life can be stranger than fiction and becomes the food-stuff of all her fantasy novels.

If you are interested in applying to be a Second Life Endowment for the Arts Grant recipient, please see page “What is a Grant Artist and How Can I Be One” or visit us in world!

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