A Symbiotic Love Affair at SLEA

Where: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLEA8/177/210/5
When: until December 31, 2022

A symbiotic love affair is a collaboration between artists Adwehe, Serra Quendra, Deborah Kaz, and Suzanne Graves.

Upon arrival, I  came upon a teleporter and took the TP called “info.”  When I landed there, I found that each artist had made a short statement about what A Symbiotic Love affair means to them and their part in the collaboration.
I took a few steps more, and there was a poster describing the concept that the artists would like us to notice.
I love this because it somewhat prepares you for what is ahead. As you begin to explore, you will notice the parts separately, then discover how they all came together and fit to form this visionary adventure.
It is a  thought-provoking playground with imaginative pathways you can take in any order you desire. There are places to sit and contemplate, and there are interactive spaces. There is so much to see here. So much to think about too. The events for this exhibit so far have been unique and moving.

Adwehe is an active media and concept artist in Second Life and has had several grants with SLEA and is an active participant in several galleries and art, photography, and music-related projects throughout Second Life.

Serra Qendra is another concept artist, writer, and innovative mover and shaker in all things experimental and abstract. Serra is highly visual in the arts of Second Life and has worked side-by-side with Adwehe on many projects

Deborakaz is a passionate digital artist well-recognized throughout the artistic community of Second Life and Real Life for her empathic and emotional exhibitions and wireframe-style photography. She has a unique shop, and her own gallery and unique art shop.

Suzanne Graves is a favorite in the art community and a known creator of breathtaking geometric sculptures that move, fly and hypnotically turn, spin, and roll. She uses scripts to create this incredible work with prims inworld and uses offline 3D software. Her work is seen in many galleries and locations in Second Life and a marketplace store.

The musical layer at SLEA8 is by Anelime Lubitsch’s Radio https://immersound.net/radio/
Anelime is a talented live music creator and made the soundscape for one of the opening shows for this exhibit.

There are so many layers, veins, and branches to symbiosis.
All-in-all, I imagine this group of talented people is very proud that they succeeded in their goals defining  this concept. From the windlights to the sound and music choices it is a well executed, enjoyable exhibit.

Visit if you have not already, and remember to use shared environment to enjoy the exhibit as it is meant to be seen. If you are inclined, contact the artists for further information about them, and their art and where you may find them in the future.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/187796045@N03/ Adwehe

https://www.flickr.com/photos/90692583@N03/ Deborah kaz

https://www.facebook.com/debora.kaz Facebook

http://deborakaz.com/ Site

https://www.flickr.com/photos/149665933@N07/ Suzanne Graves

https://www.facebook.com/suzanne.c.graves Facebook

https://www.flickr.com/photos/152095221@N04/ Serra Qendra

https://www.artkornersl.com/post/sim-showcase-symbiotic-love-affair Art Korner article by Frank Atisso

Join the SLEA group for events for A Symbiotic Love Affair and all other SLEA artistic events.
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