We want to play music together in SL!

When Tim Exile presented this project, I was confused: “Building a new platform for making music in the moment“. Boh?

Yes, nice idea, but how can this work? Then I followed a bit the FB group called Project Rockpoool, where some pioneers were building the future of Endlesss, which at that time was for iOS only. My iPad is gone broken, so for some time I have not been able to follow the developments, but today Endlesss is a complete platform on Mac and Windows, standalone or in form of VST. Great job!

Today someone has built an arcade interface, and I had to smile. Yes, the dream is solid and concrete. People playing music with a game machine make me really happy. Time ago, before Edison’s Phonograph, music was free and played in streets.

Endlesss in a Arcade Machine.

The concept behind all this is similar to the prims idea of SL: you build a so called “rifff”, a block of music, and you can continue to build over adding prim over prim, share your building and invite friends to play with, adding other prims, textures (the effects) and make this work public. Imagine endlesss as a sandbox to build music.

We did already a introductive session to Endlesss at MusicLAB (video here), and we are programming a second more detailed and in dept. Our instructor Art ღ littlewing (Artistik Oluja) is an Endless evangelist, so we can expect extra news!

Soon on these screens!

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