Big Changes Ahead for the SLEA Grant Acceptance Timeline

Animated Image of Regi Yifu SLEA Coordinator

SLEA will be making some big changes on how grants are awarded. This new way will insure grant artists have plenty of time to get their builds ready. Starting in March 2023, all grant applications will be either granted or not granted within 2 weeks of applying. If a person is awarded a grant, they will immediately be given their grant date.

Currently SLEA’s grant queue has 13 full-region grant applications, 2 half-region grant applications and 3 quarter-region grant applications that have not been awarded so far. This is enough for the next 2 launches. By February 28th all of these grant applicants will know if they have received a grant. If you want to be considered, along with these applicants, for one of the next two grant launches please submit your application before February 15th.

We have had such a great response to grant application being accepted year-round. We have received so many grant applications! Since grant applications are coming in fast, we have spoken to the Lindens about getting more regions so artist will not have to wait so long to start their grants. Wish us luck!!!

Timeline of a SLEA Grant (starting March 1st 2023)

  1. Applicants can read the terms of getting a SLEA Grant and apply online at
  2. Application email is received by SLEA.
  3. Email response is sent to the applicant stating: “We have received their application and we will notify ASAP to let them know whether they did or did not receive a grant. If  they have received a grant, they will be given the date of their grant at that time.” Applicants will also be contacted at this time in Second Life with this same message.
  4. The SLEA Team is told of any new application emails each week at our weekly meeting and are given one week to review the applications and decide if a grant is not granted or will be granted immediately. If we feel we need to see more from an applicant or some aspects are not clear  to decide, more time might be needed. If granted, the SLEA Team will select a date for their grant on the SLEA Grant Spreadsheet and add their name.
  5. Each applicant will be told, after the SLEA meeting, whether they DID NOT receive a grant or they DID receive a grant. If they did receive a grant they will be told their official grant date
    Grant applications will not be kept if they are not granted a grant.
  6. The “SLEA Current Grant”  webpage shows the current grants spreadsheet so it will update immediately.
  7. If for some reason a grant artist is not capable of using their grant at the time that was assigned to them, they should inform their liaison or the SLEA coordinator. The grant will not be lost, but can be reassigned to a later launch. We urge you to report this timely, so the land will not be left idle for too long.
  8. When an email is sent letting you know you have received a grant, it is mandatory that the grant applicant reply stating that they have read and accept the terms and conditions on the SLEA Grant webpage.
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