Livio Korobase, Liaison

Hello, i am Livio in all the worlds. I live in Italy near Bergamo, and i am an old sound addicted country gentleman that loves music and vibrations, preferably the good ones. I am born in SL in 2007, and i did a lot of things good and also less good. I am a architect, …

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Dee Lisdun, Liaison

Dee Lisdun is the curator for the Street Artist Cafe Dee was born curious of many things and surprised those around her by learning arithmetic on her own before learning to read and after learning to read, she went on to study foreign languages.  She grew up during the phenomenal rise of the computer and …

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Wizardoz Chrome, Liaison

WizardoZ Chrome is the curator for Machinima.Land WIZARDOZ CHROME (aka Alba Rocca)  I shot photographs and create machinima in the Virtual Worlds (also during Exhibitions and Events in Virtual Worlds) and .. Just for fun .. :). My first works were displayed in the frame of a collective exhibition at Art Gallery Pyramid Expo Palace, …

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Shuggah Stupor, Liaison

Shuggah Stupor is the curator for the Sky Galleries In May of 2022, I was honored  to be asked to join the SLEA team as Curator of the SLEA SKY GALLERIES. I’m a fan of Second Life, and the creative people that I have been blessed to meet and work with.  If I had to …

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Renee Rebane, Liaison

Renee is the curator for the MusicLAB and for the Linden Endowment for Performing Arts Renee Rebane: “I have a long-lasting passion for art, both in RL and SL. Since collecting art supplies does not qualify one to be called an artist, I will hold back on that, but I am looking forward to the …

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PlumQueen, Liaison

Plum has been a volunteer for the Second Life Endowment for the Arts since its inception in 2021. Since becoming a Liaison, Plum  spends her time Promoting SLEA through social media and helping grant artists prepare for fantastic launches. Although Plum is a scientist in RL, Art has always been a  major influence  in her …

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