SLEA Staff

Livio Korobase, Liaison

Hello, i am Livio in all the worlds. I live in Italy near Bergamo, and i am an old sound addicted country gentleman that loves music and vibrations, preferably the good ones. I am born in SL in 2007, and i did a lot of things good and also less good. I am a architect, …

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Dido Haas, volunteer

Dido is the curator of SLEA Facebook Let me introduce myself to you. Dido Haas is Dutch and has been in SL since January 2007 and still enjoying this fantasy world.  Since July 2009 I put a lot of my SL time in writing for my blog Exploring SL with Dido, however the emphasize of …

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PlumQueen, Liaison

Plum has been a volunteer for the Second Life Endowment for the Arts since its inception in 2021. Since becoming a Liaison, Plum  spends her time Promoting SLEA through social media and helping grant artists prepare for fantastic launches. Although Plum is a scientist in RL, Art has always been a  major influence  in her …

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