Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is located on SLEA Bridge 1 and SLEA Bridge 2 and curated by Plum Queen.

One of the goals of SLEA is to support residents who are interested art and bring to their attention the diverse art venues throughout Second Life. At the same time SLEA aims to support the artists and art venues by increasing awareness and traffic for their exhibits. To enable this connection between visitors on one side and galleries and museums on the other, the SLEA Bridge Project has been developed. This has resulted in the SLEA Bridge Project Database that contains information about hundreds of participating venues.

The SLEA Bridge Project

Information for visitors

Residents that are interested to learn about art galleries and museums in Second Life will find a great source of information at the SLEA Bridge Project. Look for the board with that name on it at the Bridge location. Clicking the board will display pictures of the art venues and you can teleport right to them.

If you want to scroll through the database from your home or from the beach, do the following: right beneath the large board is a smaller sign that says “Click here for the Bridge Project HUD!”. Clicking this sign will send you a folder that contains the HUD object. Wear (ADD) this HUD and you have instant access to the SLEA Bridge Project Database where you can view information about all participating art venues in Second Life. Visiting a venue of your choice is then just one click away!

At the bottom of this page you also find a scrollable overview of all the venues, with a convenient button to teleport to a place of your choice.

Information for Art Venue Owners

The SLEA Bridge Database is a collaboration with Sasun Steinbeck’s SL Art Venues Database and uses her Kiosks.
If you have an art venue or gallery you would like to have included in the Bridge Project Database please go to the Bridge Project Information Kiosk on the bridge. Clicking the sign that says “Click here to get a kiosk” will give you a folder with an object called “Art Galleries of SL Kiosk Requester”. When you rez this Requester, it will send you an Art Venue Kiosk. 
Once you have an SL Art Venue Kiosk you can rez it at your venue/gallery. Touch it and you will be directed to an online form to fill out information about your gallery that you want included in the database.

NOTICE: For now, you can only rez one Kiosk per region. This will be updated soon.
If you remove your kiosk from your venue/gallery your listing will be removed from the database within 24 hours.
You can view the database by clicking the large info board or with the Bridge Project HUD.

If you are interested in adding your gallery to the database, you might also want to check out the Golden Canvas Art Hunt.

SLEA is not responsible for any images at galleries included in the Bridge Database.

SLEA Bridge Project Database

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