Linden Center for Performing Arts

Linden Center for Performing Acts

The Linden Center for Performing Acts is located at SLEA1 and curated by Renee Rebane

The Linden Center for the Arts is a beautiful custom mesh open air theater created by Loki Eliot. The center of the building has a classic amphitheater that offers seats around while the middle can either be a dance floor or a performance stage. Two side stages can be used, as well as a protruding walkway to yet another stage.

This theater is very suitable for large performances, theatrical or other shows, lectures and promotions.

It is available throughout the year. If you are interested to bring your performance to the Linden Center for Performing Arts please fill out the form below.

SLEA Linden Center for the Performing Arts Artist Performer Application

SLEA is unique in that we are the only Linden backed and granted galleries and art venues in Second Life. The artistic spaces here are granted to qualifying individuals who would like to participate in promoting the arts through the resident artists here in Second Life. Keeping this in mind, you will need to have an understanding that this space is granted to you and it is intended that you use your time here to promote your work, your galleries, and your venues. You must follow the Linden Labs’ TOS.

We will be using Google Drive to make things easier for our artists to turn in their posters. Each person will be given access to their Google Drive folder.

We will work with you to post on social media about your event.

NOTICE: Please check the SLEA Calendar before you plan an event. Let us know at least one week in advance when you would like to have your event so your liaison can add it to the calendar. If the calendar is clear, your date will be added to the event calendar and we will send out notices to the SLEA group and social media.

All posters for SLEA should be 1200 x 628 pixels and have the SLEA logo.

If you would like to perform at the LCPA please fill out the form below:

If someone referred you please let us know their name! If not just put none.
Open your profile and click Copy URI and paste it here.
Used only for correspondence and your access to the SLEA Google Drive.
If none, type none.

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