MusicLAB is located at SLEA4 and curated by Livio Korobase and Renee Rebane.

MusicLAB is the music branch of SLEA.

There are many musicians of all kinds in Second Life, and each one has had to face the limits of their knowledge, as well as the artistic ones.

We would like the SLEA Music Lab to become a laboratory where you can share ideas and techniques, where you can find advice on specific problems and where anyone who wants to share their knowledge can do it.

For any question or to organize a lesson, public or as material for the library, or to make an event, contact us directly by sending a notecard with a clear title, or use the following form.

MusicLAB is not a club or a commercial music related activity, but a place where share music alone or with friends. But, any performer can rez a tipjar. Work have to be payed.

You can reserve a stage or the Soundbox for a performance contacting us in world (livio or Renee or using the following online form.

SLEA MusicLAB Performer Application

This space is at your disposition and it is intended that you use your time here following the Linden Labs’ TOS.

Please check the SLEA Calendar before you plan an event. Let us know at least one week in advance when you would like to have your event so your liaison can add it to the calendar. If the calendar is clear, your date will be added to the event calendar and we will send out notices to the SLEA group and social media.

All posters for SLEA should be 1200 x 628 pixels and have the SLEA logo.

If someone referred you please let us know their name! If not just put none.
Open your profile and click Copy URI and paste it here.
Used only for correspondence and your access to the SLEA Google Drive.
If none, type none.

More about MusicLAB

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