Golden Canvas Art Hunt

Golden Canvas Art Hunt sign.

Thank you for your interest in the SLEA Golden Canvas Art Hunt! SLEA is here to unite artists globally to promote and connect with each other for the mutual benefit of all.

Information for visitors

Unlike other hunts, this is an ongoing art hunt. Galleries in the SLEA Bridge Project Art Venue database who participate in the art hunt have the Golden Canvas Art Hunt sign rezzed at their venue. When you see this, you know you can search for a hidden Golden Canvas that you can click to receive your free art! The free art gifts will be updated periodically by the galleries so take a landmark and stop by again soon!

Information for gallery owners

Go here to get a SLEA Golden Art Hunt packet if you wish to participate.

Inside this SLEA Golden Art Hunt packet you will find:

  • The Golden Canvas Art Hunt sign to rez in your gallery to show you are participating.
  • A scripted mesh golden canvas with COPY/MOD permissions.

This canvas contains a script that will give your gift in a folder when it is clicked. Add some free art and hide it somewhere in your gallery. Feel free to add your landmark and any other things you want to include. Each time you update your gallery, just hide again, reset the scripts, and update the art gift inside your hidden canvas.

Thanks for participating!

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