Willow Bay Literary Park

Willow Bay Literary Park

Willow Bay Literary Park is located at SLEA1 and curated by David Varro (fortepiano).

Willow Bay Literary Park is an area dedicated to literature in all its aspects . It is an area intended to take various forms depending on whether the user wishes to express his/her work either with words alone and/or with the setting that he/she considers more suitable. It is not a static area, it is both a place where one can freely listen or actively participate in literary activities.

Willow Bay Literary Park is so called because of the large willow tree that grows at SLEA1. 

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Willow Bay Literary Park Performer Application:

SLEA is unique in that we are the only Linden backed and granted galleries and art venues in Second Life. The artistic spaces here are granted to qualifying individuals who would like to participate in promoting the arts through the resident artists here in Second Life. Keeping this in mind, you will need to have an understanding that this space is granted to you and it is intended that you use your time here to promote your work, your galleries, and your venues. You must follow the Linden Labs’ TOS.

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