Dido Haas, volunteer

Dido is the curator of SLEA Facebook

Let me introduce myself to you.

Dido Haas is Dutch and has been in SL since January 2007 and still enjoying this fantasy world. 

Since July 2009 I put a lot of my SL time in writing for my blog Exploring SL with Dido, however the emphasize of the blog shifted more and more from text to images. In line with this I started to place my best blog images and more private photos in my Flickr account.  

In 2012 my SL partner Nitro and I started Nitroglobus gallery and from that moment on most of my SL time was dedicated to curating and promoting the exhibitions of guest artists in the main hall of this gallery. 

January 2016 I continued with Nitroglobus gallery on my own, because my beloved partner Nitro Fireguard passed away in November 2015 after a painful disease. I am keeping him close forever in my heart and in my gallery, as Nitro’s awesome mesh sculptures are still on display there.

Being so busy with curating the gallery, organizing opening parties with music, visiting openings at other galleries and being the administrator of the SLEA Facebook page, I have little time left to make images myself. However, rarely when in the right mood I do make images, most of them monochrome portraits and nudes.

Moreover, since this year Nitroglobus shows two exhibitions parallel in the gallery; one in the main hall and one in The Annex (which used to be ‘my part of Nitroglobus’, where I showed my own images).  

I have been a SLEA volunteer since the beginning and took care of keeping the SLEA Facebook page up-to-date. End of last year Regi and I created the SLEA Crystal Carnival, Regi was the designer/builder and I was the curator of the enchanting ice gallery showing 2D and 3D works of about 100 SL artists. 

More about Dido Haas you’ll find here:



http://exploringslwithdido.blogspot.com/  (my blog)

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nitroglobusroofgallery/

Flickr group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/nitroglobus_gallery/


LM to Nitroglobus: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunshine%20Homestead/38/25/1001

LM to The Annex of Nitroglobus: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunshine%20Homestead/166/41/1001

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