‘End of Year’ Blues?

Many of us recognize that bluesy feeling towards the end of the year. A little melancholia, some true sadness or regrets maybe, all mixed with joyful memories and portions of hope and faith.

We look back, we look forward.

If you need a quiet moment in the present only, we have something for you: the six meditation sessions we hosted in the MusicLAB are available in the SLEA document drive. A written version of the guidance and the playlist are included. You can follow along or just take some time to enjoy the music.

Follow this link to find the six meditation sessions.

We welcome you back to our meditation session in the new year on Monday January 2 from 8 AM – 9 AM SLT at the MusicLAB.
Read more about our sessions in this post.

Renee Rebane
Livio Korobase

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