Experiences in Second Life

Here at SLEA we use the SLEA Experience and we have noticed some people really are scared of accepting the experience. We only use the SLEA Experience to teleport you quicker or to set your EEP. We will not be controlling your avatar. You only have to accept experiences once and after that it just works unless you open that experiences window and click the FORGET button.

If your interested in creating a new Experience:

  1. You must be a premium member to create an experience.
  • Premium Members can create 1 experience. 
  • Premium+ Members can create 2 experiences.
  1. To create an experience you go to the AVATAR MENU and scroll down to EXPERIENCES.
  2. Once you are in the Experience Window go to the OWNED Tab.
  3. Click the ACQUIRE AN EXPERIENCE button.
  4. Your experience window will pop up.
  5. Add your experience Image.
  6. Add your experience description. 
  7. Add your group. Your Parcel/Region should be owned by this group.
  8. Add your experience rating.
    This must match the Parcel/Region rating where your experience will be used.
  9. Set your current location (Optional)
  10. Add your Marketplace store (Optional)
  11. Make sure ENABLE EXPERIENCE is checked.
  12. Save

Your Experience’s Group:
In the group you have set as your experience’s group there are two abilities you will need to assign to roles for builders/creators to be able to enable your experience. These two abilities are listed at the very bottom of the abilities list under the heading Experience:

  • Experience Admin: Can edit YOUR experience details and add other experiences to your region.
  • Experience Contributor: Can ONLY set scripts to use YOUR experience.

If you own your region or you are a Estate Manager:

Go to REGION DETAIL (Alt/Option R) and add your experience to the ALLOWED EXPERIENCE list.
FYI: If you happen to add your experience to the KEY EXPERIENCE list, people will have to accept your experience before they can teleport to your region.

If you own the parcel:Under the WORLD MENU you will find PARCEL DETAILS.
On the PARCEL DETAIL window on the EXPERIENCE TAB, under the ALLOWED EXPERIENCES LIST you will need to click the ADD button to add your experience to the parcel. You will need to enable this in all parcels you want to use your experience.
If the ADD button is gray you will need to get the land owner to add your experience to the list.

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