FACE TO FACE Closing Party @ Machinima.Land

Sunday 9 october 2022 starting from 11 am SLT, concert with:

  • 11am DD (Deceptions Digital)
  • 12am MORLITA Morlita Quan
  • 1pm YADLEEN
  • 2pm DADDIO DOW
  • 3pm A LIMB

Where: SLEA1 MACHINIMA.LAND, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLEA1/72/181/22

Presentation of event by video artist Glasz DeCuir

“I am proud to invite you all on Sunday 9th October 2022 to 4-hour long cultured experience with nothing but the best performances in experimental music. Where? In Machinima.Land, the best location to meet us, enjoy the amazing sounds and the environment around us. This event is the closing party of the exhibition done in SLEA1 M.L called “Face to face”, a videoart exhibition. As machinimator, I am proud of all musicians and artists featured on my video productions and I am glad to have this line for the closing party. I must tell all artists and composers I love to work with aren’t represented, thanks to all them anyway on future we will have more chances.”

SLEA Face to Face by Glasz DeCuir
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