How approach a Full region grant: an interesting point of view

As many know, SLEA offers different types of grants, for different lengths and commitments, from micro grants to full region grants (you can read more info about Grants here).

The most challenging is for sure the full region six months type, many resources but also a lot of commitment and work to build something with a meaning in such a large space and time.

It’s not that a 2D/3D micro grant requires less creative effort, but on such a large scale, an entire region, greater planning and management skills are required.

In short, it can generate a certain performance anxiety: maintaining a certain flow of visitors for six months, a high level of creativity, not succumbing to depression (but how, it’s so beautiful and no one comes to see), and so on.

Everyone has experienced this moment, don’t lie. How to get out of the impasse?

An interesting approach is the one adopted by Gem Preiz at SLEA5. To break the impasse, he is going to make 3 different presentations during the first half of 2023 (the timing assigned to him by the grant).

There is no rule that requires your project to be carved in marble and static over time. You have many resources at your disposal, let your creativity run free. If you come up with a new vision to carry out your project, just do it. SLEA fully supports and welcomes this.

If you have doubts, requests, indecisions, remember that you have an assistant at your disposal for the entire duration of your grant. Each region has a person who takes care of you, and you can find the name of Liaison assigned to your region on the Organization Chart here.

A SLEA grant is an important step in the life of an artist. Make the most of it.

Liaison at work for help you
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