GLTF PBR Materials in Second Life

As usual he says incomprehensible things, some might think. But no, i am serious. Mirrors,dynamic reflections, any sort of good are coming in Second Life.

Kyle Linden showed an important update on the status of PBR Materials in Second Life in a video of Second Life University Livestream serie, and it’s great!

It seems useless to me to comment on a video of this magnitude and imagine the changes that there will (finally) be in the graphics pipeline of the viewer.

I can only imagine what will happen in the art world, but don’t spend all your time looking in mirrors 🙂

For let this happen, alpha blending and atmospherics have been moved from sRGB Color Space to Linear Color Space as required by GLTF specification, so expect some changes in rendering of transparent objects and application of atmospheric effects. But Vulkan and PBR materials can set a real big change in SL.

For the adventurous, the possibilities shown by Kyle in the video can already be tried with an early stage alpha viewer ( – Second Life Project GLTF PBR Materials) and only in certain regions of Aditi.

Good vision and have fun!

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