Grant Artist Q&A

Is the use of 3rd party objects and / or scripts allowed?
Yes, however, We highly encourage all original art but understand the levels of SL Art.

Do applications have to be presented by only one person or can it be a collective project?
Applications can be by a single individual, team or group. The primary participant names should be included. 

Who will be my SLEA contact?
Each region has a SLEA Liaison assigned to it to assist you. Once you have been granted a grant you will be introduced to your Liaison. Please make sure you maintain contact with your assigned Liaison.

Do I have to include samples of work in the Application? If so, how?
We will contact you after you apply to gather any other images or items for your build to help us consider you for a grant.

How much time will be available to work on the project?
Please have your build ready at least half way through your grant time.

Are there any restrictions? All Regions are M and must follow Linden Labs TOS.

Can the texture of the terrain be changed? Can I terraform?
A SLEA Liaison can texture the land for you. Yes SLEA Grant Artist tag give you the ability to terraform or turn on terraforming for your assistance to use.

Can the project include the sky (skyboxes) or should it be built completely at ground level? Yes

Will the use of experiences be allowed?
Yes, you can use your own experience or people with the SLEA Grant Artist tag can use the SLEA Experience.
If you need assistance just ask your Liaison.

Will media be available (music, video) to use? SLEA Grant Artist tag give you full access of Music & Media

Can we change the land attributes? Yes

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