SLEA Grant Application

Before sending a request, you must read this page: What is a SLEA Grant.

If you need something smaller that a full region, 1/2 region or 1/4 region might we suggest you apply for a micro grant. Applications for the micro grants can be found on the 360° Art Walk and Sky Galleries pages.

All fields are required.

Open your profile, click copy URI and paste here.
This is the email used for our communications and your access to your folder on the google drive.
If someone referred you please let us know their name! If not just put none.
SLEA Has launches are Jan-June and June-Dec.
If no then type no.
If you never did before, read our Code of Conduct
if none, type none.
(Can be updated or changed in future)
(Articles and interview will be posted on our site)

Thank You! We are looking forward to seeing your art! Upon receipt of your application, we will personally contact you to confirm we have received it and give you a timeline of the process and further details. At this time we can gather any more images or anything you have to show what you want to build.

Good luck!!!

For any question or doubt feel free to ask us.

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