Jamming in SL using Endlesss

Where: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLEA4/13/233/23

When: Thursday 15 december at 10am SLT

Teacher: Art ღ littlewing (artistik.oluja)

Everyone is looking for a way to play music together over the internet, hoping to be able to perform for others or just jam together. While this is possible when all conditions are right, real-time collaboration over the internet is still in the early stages and there are significant challenges to making it work.

Even though some platforms propose a solution for internet, in SL it is almost impossible to play together for many reasons, unless the musicians are all in one room and a mixer shares the stream over a single Shoutcast mountpoint.

Some people try to play together using a bizarre trick: a musician shares his stream, that is captured by another musician and the last in the chain shares the results in SL. From SL point of view, who is at the end hears the total, but no one musician can play really in sync with the other. Very far from a real live jam in real time.

Endlesss offers a unique point of view: a tool that allows you to create your own riffs, share them and let other musicians play over them. The program is available for free for all platforms including tablets and smartphones, as standalone app or VST3 to integrate in a DAW.

It’s quite interesting and waiting to be discovered, so we asked Art Oluja, who is an Endlesss evangelist, to give us an introductory lesson to make it easier for anyone interested to approach this unique program. Thursday 15 december at 10am SLT we will start using this program and sharing some test riffsss in the specially created MusicLAB room on the Endlesss servers.
Everyone can join the lesson. If you want to participate in the class jam, please contact Livio Korobase or Renee Rebane. They will give you the information you need to install Endlesss and to sign in to the MusicLAB room.
I think it will be quite fun, let’s see how things go.

Our room: https://endlesss.fm/jam/685ee1aeb6256b58e9a7d25d7b8f5985a650e8f25a35687e13917cbb17ef05c1/join

Endlesss is a collaborative looper
Jamming live

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