Livio Korobase, Liaison

Hello, i am Livio in all the worlds. I live in Italy near Bergamo, and i am an old sound addicted country gentleman that loves music and vibrations, preferably the good ones.

I am born in SL in 2007, and i did a lot of things good and also less good.

I am a architect, but not the usual one. I had all the necessary education for my career and knew what i was doing with my life. Then i sat down at desktop and loaded a floppy disk with Autocad 2.5, and computers took over to the point that i do everything with, music included.

3D Studio followed, then Photoshop, then many others and, much years ago, i started use a online virtual space called Active Worlds. Never locked back.

In virtual worlds i did a lot of “artistic” work, in Second Life and Opensim, and i managed a very good club for years with some friends. But, i never return where i was already, and after 10 full sim installation at LEA (mean 5 years of work) and others exibits around SL i needed a change, that was calling me from long time: take care of music.

So in 2018 i started to seriously study this passion of mine, in all lives (which for me personally are the same, I make no difference between real and virtual apart from the obvious). In SL i played at some important festivals, as E-Fest and Transonic, and i like always to play if someone ask me.

I have often worked as a volunteer, i like to do, and so it seemed natural to me to put my experience and my knowledge at the disposal of SLEA. Currently i am busy here with the activity called SLEA MusicLAB.




Musiclandia, Second Life 2013 – Livio Korobase
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