Music Composers in Second Life

In Second Life there are many people who deal with music: some do covers, some DJ, others play various instruments and give concerts, and so on.

With this new initiative we want to deal with those who produce and play their own music in this virtual world.

There are many and the music produced is often of a professional level, cared for in every aspect from composition to sound.

They’re kind of scattered around the world, and it’s hard to get a general overview of the genres and propositions they offer, so we thought we’d create a place where everyone can be found and showcased. A sort of catalogue of own music producers in Second Life.

Thus, in the skies of the MusicLAB there is a building that aspires to become a collection of musicians of this type. For each one there will be a picture and a bio, with possible links and everything necessary to be able to find and listen to their productions.

The construction is not completed but we are already collecting adhesions

If you like the idea and want to participate, send your photo and a bio full perms to Livio Korobase or Renee Rebane to be featured in our directory. See you there.

A strange building under construction in the skies of the MusicLAB
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