MusicLAB wishes you an abundant 2023

More silence, more trees, more walking, more love, more music, more smiles, more clean air, more second hand, more listening, more labneh, more freedom, more care, more justice, more quiet, more art, more dreaming, more finding, more courage, more kindness, more recycling, more hope, more friendship, more solidarity, more starry nights, more soup, more beauty, more ugly, more time, more faith, more respect, more dancing, more singing, more help, more modesty, more pride, more acceptance, more questions, more answers, more patience, more apple pie, more clean water, more meditation, more truth, more happiness, more peace …..

Add your “more” in the comments at bottom of page, we already received a few suggestions we added here:

More coffee, more melancholia, more learning, …

The MusicLAB team: Livio Korobase and Renee Rebane

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