Opening of “A Symbiotic Love Affair”

The opening events for A Symbiotic Love Affair at SLEA 8 will be spread over two days:
Friday October 21, 12 – 2 PM
Saturday October 22, 12 – 2 PM

Grant artists Adwehe, Suzanne Graves, Deborakaz and Serra Qendra present their installations on the artificial island they created while exploring the meaning of symbiotic relationships between the artists and the world.
SLEA is happy to welcome you to the opening parties: they are a great opportunity to immerse and enjoy the many structures, rooms, theater like stages and buildings. And hopefully you will find just as many reasons to return and discover more!

Music during the parties will be provided by Traci at 12 PM and Anelime Lubitsch ( at 1 PM on Friday, and by DJ Noir Tater at 12 PM, followed by a performance by Les Chats Furieux at 1 PM on Saturday.

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