Photo Challenge at A Symbolic Love Affair


When: December 5 – 30, 2022

Deadline: 30 December 2022.

1e price 3000

2e price 2000

3e price 1000

Come and lose yourself in the complex beauty of ‘A Symbiotic Love Affair’ at Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) Region 8. Capture its unique light, abstraction and figuration.

Be a part of that beauty by adding your own perspective with photography and sharing your angle on it, and on the concepts within it.

Installation art is completed by the viewer…

Abstract and figuration or a combination of both are welcome, together with avatar focused shots.

The installations in the sim are built high upwards from sea level. A teleport board to the different locations can be found near the landing point. Or cam/fly.

The sim has a special Day cycle where the first 2 hours have many rapid and dramatic light and color changes. Last two hours will gradually shift from Azores like blue towards orange and reds and finally pitch black night, then the morning of the cycle starts again.

Please feel free to use the options you like such as experimenting with sun position, sky, view angle and any other settings in Phototools.

Extensive editing, filters and image manipulations afterwards are not permitted to take part in the challenge.

The characteristics of the sim must be visible in the photo.

Add (2 entries maximum) in Flickr to with [photo challenge] after the title.

Winners will be announced January 2023 in the Flickr groups discussions and inworld via PM.

An exhibition inworld of entries is an option we will look into.

Serra Qendra
Suzanne Graves

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