PlumQueen, Liaison


Plum has been a volunteer for the Second Life Endowment for the Arts since its inception in 2021. Since becoming a Liaison, Plum  spends her time Promoting SLEA through social media and helping grant artists prepare for fantastic launches.

Although Plum is a scientist in RL, Art has always been a  major influence  in her life. She loves to collect wall art, listen to music and enjoys attending museums, theater and spoken word events.  Her Late SL mother, Indea Vaher taught her the importance of artistic storytelling, teaching her about the impact of the culture and traditions of African Americans through her own art. The influence of this relationship is the guiding principle for Plum’s passion to promote original art in SL.

Plum also spends time with  her friends at Covenstead, where she manages the neighborhood gallery as well as writes the monthly newsletter, Participating in weekly grid drives with her partner and when time allows as a mermaid.  

Besides art, the best parts of SL are her fantastic friends, loving aunties and the rest of her  family that has adopted her into their lives. She is grateful for them everyday.  

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