Regi Yifu, Coordinator

Regi has been in SL since July 2007. In his RL he is a gregarious bohemian artist from Texas! A true renaissance man and an Aquarius. Regi has a sincere passion for being creative and loves meeting new people from all over the world. He is curious and open minded, and moreover he is a prolific creator in SL, who makes custom mesh, graphics and interactive art for BOSL and SL20 Fashion Show stages, custom clubs, art installations, and much more! Regi creates tons of free shareable ‘toys’, which he shares with everyone. He is the owner of Regimade and the Regimade Light Gallery. Besides this, Regi is a mentor to many people in SL and a well known DJ playing an eclectic mix of house/dance tunes.

Regi graduated from the Art Institute of Houston’s Advertising Program in 1983 and has worked as a Graphic Designer ever since then. He has been with his RL husband since 1988. Regi is a fused glass artist and loves to melt glass in his own kiln. Also Regi is a Photographer, check out his Flickr. Above that Regi loves to cook and is the author of a cookbook, A Mouth Full of Yum!“. Check out his Instagram! He recently did the designs for his RL home Kitchen and Bath remodel by making models in Second Life.

Regi Yifu has been a SLEA Liaison since 2020 and has now taken over the reigns of SLEA as Coordinator. He is proud of his SLEA team of liaisons and volunteers and works hard to keep everybody happy and started the process of automating and making all more transparent. 

Regi is also the curator of the Art Sandbox and Willow Bay Literary Park

Regi is super easy going! Feel free to say hello!

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