Shuggah Stupor, Liaison

Shuggah Stupor is the curator for the Sky Galleries

In May of 2022, I was honored  to be asked to join the SLEA team as Curator of the SLEA SKY GALLERIES. I’m a fan of Second Life, and the creative people that I have been blessed to meet and work with.

 If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am an Independent and a Humanist.I’m curious about creative people and their goals as artists in Second Life.My mind is open to different and new experiences and ideas. I fully enjoy curating, and will always try to encourage and bring out the best in the artists that I host in the SKY GALLERIES.

I’m amazed at the number of talented real-life artists who share their real-life work within Second Life. I am thankful to those who have been willing to share advice and knowledge with me. 

As a liaison, I look forward to meeting, and assisting the talented grant artists charged with positivity!

 As an avatar artist in Second Life, I express myself better through simple photos, builds and digital art than any other way. I have joined many projects over the years myself and found it to be a very satisfying way to spend my time in Second Life.

I’m slowly and continuously educating myself on how to create my art in this virtual world, and I love learning about the techniques and all the processes that people use to produce their creations here.

I like to motivate others who may be shy, feel lost, or misunderstood in other means of communication to explore the arts.

Some of the projects I have participated in include:


“MIX TAPE” -LEA SIM-July through December 2018 with AndySweden

GBTH-Rachel Breakker mesh exhibits including: Vinyl Violitions-Duality of Love-CryBunBun-

-Mind Carlberg-Naked with a Chair and XX/XY Photos 2018-2019

-2019-Faces of Pride photo gallery (A collection of portraits from LGBTQ people gridwide SL with their families and friends) curated with Andy Sweden

-2019-Stonewall exhibit at Second Pride

Chance Dreamscape’s Creative Spark- In 2019, for six months.

-Our Second Lives ( My Home Gallery)-curated with AndySweden 2019-2020

-Burn 2-2021

-Begin Again-SLEA-JULY 2021

-WEDCOT-Artist exhibition-3D prim build-FEB 2022

-SLEA Curator role given -JUL 2022

-SLEA-Sky Galleries “Dominique” photo exhibit, JUL 2022

-SLEA-360 Walk-Curator Role given beginning October 1, 2022

-Current 2D showing at Elven Falls Art Collective -OCT 2022 

-Current 2D showing at Artscape -OCT 2022

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