Science and art intersect at Pororoca da Amazonia


SLEA invites you to join us as we celebrate the launch of Pororoca Da Amazonia. Saturday, February 18th from 12 – 4 PM SLT in SLEA2

SLEA Grant artist Megs Candles describes installation Pororoca Da Amazonia as the virtual twin of the Amazon River’s tidal bore wave phenomena. The name Pororoca comes from the indigenous Tupi word porórka, meaning “great roar”.

The tidal bore occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned. This celestial alignment causes a very powerful ocean tide that actually pushes the Amazon River flow back up river and creates one of the longest waves in the world. The tidal bore can travel up to 500 miles upstream on the Amazon River.    

This beautiful immersion into the Amazonia was created by The Threechums, consisting of Megs Candles along with JT Castanea and VW Sands (you can find JT running the bulldozer at times). Together they build unspoiled, sustainable and ecologically accurate nature sims. Think of your favorite natural spaces, beaches, mountains and underwater dive areas in SL! Their latest projects include Witches Rock and Experience the Ocean.

The region represents four main components of the Brazilian Amazon rain forest.

1) Landing Area and Small Farm – Here you can find more information about the OCWA Marine Science Center

2) Lumber Mill

3) Rain forest and Amazonian People

4) A Walk in the Rain Forest.

Areas 1 and 2 are located on the Southern side of the Amazon River and Areas 3 and 4 are on the Northern side.  

The sim feels like a tropical excursion with an educational sidekick that is a Capuchin on a stump that you can click to tell you the story of each section. Watch your step as you explore this beautiful landscape! There are plenty of curious animals lurking behind the brush and slippery fallen trees used as bridges, but also enjoy and learn all there is about this beautiful sim. Definitely a work of art!

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