SLEA Covenant and Mission Statement


Second Life Endowment for The Arts is a 10 region art based open community in partnership with Linden Lab™. The group SLEA welcomes residents who have the common goal of participating and or supporting The Arts in both SL and RL. Members and visitors upon arrival agree to respect others as they themselves wish to be treated and adhere to Linden Lab™ TOS.

Mission Statement

To provide equal opportunities to both established and emerging artists to participate in creating and displaying original art through no cost grants made available to the artist, To continually strive to foster innovation, education and originality. To cultivate and inspire a new generation of SL artists and to fuel interest in and spotlight the works of both established and emerging artists in SL.

SLEA supports and promotes the many artists, galleries, exhibits and diverse art communities found across Second Life. The SLEA Bridge Project enables all established and credible art venues a place to be represented and promoted to all our visitors in an effort to connect and increase both traffic and awareness of all art venues across Second Life for the mutual benefit of all. Our SLEA Arts Database is made available to all visitors offering an ongoing compiled directory of all qualified art galleries, art venues and art communities working together to expand the consciousness of The Arts throughout SL.

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