SLEA Launch 5 Grant Artist: Gem Preiz

Gem's Lines of Light Poster

The region is currently under construction and not open to the public. It will open on Jan 12 at 1.

Gem Preiz is pleased to invite you to the opening of his installation LINES OF LIGHT on January 12th – 1 pm SLT.
Music will be performed by :  hEIN (HeinrichMader Resident)

LINES OF LIGHT is the first of 3 installations that will be exhibited on SLEA 3 full sim grant during the first half of 2023.

It marks a new stage in the evolution of my work on SL. The fractals, although still present under a new aspect, continue to progressively give way to the build. The latter, invaded by lights and reflections in the spirit of “Borderless”, revives the highlighted drawing of the “Anthropic Principle”, of “Skyscrapers” and of “Exoplanet”. It is directly in line with the Neon Art theme, using the popular pink and blue color code and some very classic patterns.
Gem invites you to discover the rooms and corridors surrounding the central arena, where the Resonating Eggs await you to complete this colorful visit.

Recommended settings : 

  • Graphics High or Ultra
  • Advanced lighting model ON (no shadow necessary)
  • Shared environment or Midnight
  • Distance 128 m
  • Particles maximum
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