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What a new devilry that would be?

At SLEA we never sleep (almost) and we like stories (always). But we have noticed with some bewilderment that we missed an important point: the story of how SLEA is founded on the work that artists perform and present to the public.

However, when a grant closes, there isn’t much left. Maybe a few past posts on some blogs that people have to search for.

So, SLEA has opened a new area, called SLEA Press, which is responsible for creating an archive of all the grants exhibited at SLEA. We will remind all the artists that when they proposed a grant, they signed a commitment to carry out at least one post and one interview during the grant period.

All artists who have received a SLEA grant will be contacted by the person dedicated to SLEA Archives, Jeanette Reinoir (secondlife:///app/agent/5d956e13-ac1d-4218-8b19-dd96858a698e/about), to start producing this material and we plan to produce an annual e-book of all the activities carried out in SLEA for the past year.

Thus we ensure there are  historical records of past grant recipients at SLEA, accessible for anyone interested in virtual arts in Second Life. 

Nette, the Press Monkey

We invite those who write posts, create image galleries and videos on the exhibitions at SLEA to get in touch with Jeanette if they wish the related links to appear in the notes to the posts. In this way the information will also be more complete.

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