SLEA Week Ahead

Monday, 11/7 – Sunday, 11/13                   

Grant applications are open! You can apply any time at

Monday, November 7th

Tuesday, November 8th

Thursday, November 10th

Friday, November 11th

Ongoing Events! 

-:¦:- SLEA1: Visit Machimina.Land Curated by Wizardoz Chrome

-:¦:-  SLEA1: Sky Gallery is now open: Carelyna, Chuck Clip, Kraven Klees and Mareea Farrasco

-:¦:-  SLEA1: 360° ArtWalk “SLEA Team” shows off their work.

-:¦:-  SLEA2: ‘The Temple of the Divine Feminine’ curated by Kisma Reidling and including art from the women’s collective!

-:¦:-  SLEA5: Be creative in the ART Sandbox! Join the SLEA Art Sandbox group to build. (Cleans Friday Mornings)

-:¦:-  SLEA4 MusicLAB” Curated by Livio Korobase

-:¦:-  SLEA4 SW “Art is Love” Exhibit by Myra Wildmist

-:¦:-   SLEA7 NE Visit Grant Artist “El Universo en una gota de agua” by Guille

-:¦:-  SLEA7 SE Turning 2D art into a 3D Wonderland  AmandaT Tamatzui

-:¦:-  SLEA7 SW: Limitations are Self Imposed by Regi Yifu

-:¦:-  SLEA8 “A symbiotic love affair” by Adwehe and Collaborating Artists Serra Qendra, Deborakaz and Suzanne Graves.

-:¦:-  SLEA Bridge 1 and 2 for access to the Bridge Project Database.

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