SLEA Week at a Glance

Monday, January 9 – Sunday, January 15, 2022                  

Grant applications are open, You can apply any time at

Welcoming the incoming grant artists as they begin their builds for Launch 5.

NOTICE: We are removing the Art Sandbox Group Jan 20th and making it so that the Main SLEA Group can build in the sandbox. Please join the main SLEA Group by Jan 20th to build in the Art Sandbox.

Monday, January 9th

  • SLEA4: 8AM – 9AM SLT. Group Meditation with Renee Rebane. The event offers two 15-20 minute sessions.
    MusicLAB suggests some quiet moments away from the buzz. And – who knows – some moments of reflection. That is why we are doing a weekly group meditation. You don’t need any prior experience with meditation.
    We weren’t MusicLAB if we would not have a fine selection of inspiring and relaxing music – and guaranteed no pan flutes!  
    See the post on the website for more details.

Tuesday, January 10th

    Join us at  Willow Bay Literary Park every Tuesday at 1:00pm SLT  to listen to guest speakers read their favorite poems, short tales, stories some original, some classic, some only just realized. The goal here is to bring in those who love to write and read providing them with a platform on which to share. All ideas and/or suggestions will be considered. 
    For more information contact David Varro: secondlife:///app/agent/ba11447a-16c3-41a2-8370-3c4ff480167d/about

Thursday, January 12th

  • SLEA3:  1 pm SLT > The grand opening of “Lines Of Light” by Gem Preiz
    Gem Preiz is pleased to invite you to the opening of his installation LINES OF LIGHT on January 12th – 1 pm SLT.
    Music will be performed by :  hEIN (HeinrichMader Resident)
    LINES OF LIGHT is the first of 3 installations that will be exhibited on SLEA 3 full sim grant during the first half of 2023.
    It marks a new stage in the evolution of my work on SL. The fractals, although still present under a new aspect, continue to progressively give way to the build. The latter, invaded by lights and reflections in the spirit of “Borderless”, revives the highlighted drawing of the “Anthropic Principle”, of “Skyscrapers” and of “Exoplanet”. It is directly in line with the Neon Art theme, using the popular pink and blue color code and some very classic patterns.
    Gem invites you to discover the rooms and corridors surrounding the central arena, where the Resonating Eggs await you to complete this colorful visit.

    Recommended settings : 
    * Graphics High or Ultra
    * Advanced lighting model ON (no shadow necessary)
    * Shared environment or Midnight
    * Distance 128 m
    * Particles maximum

Saturday, January 14th

  • SLEA1: 11am-12pm. Come out and meet Sofi (Bachi Cheng) with DJ Yifu.
    The new Regi Yifu Light Gallery is now featuring Sofi (Bachi Cheng)
    NOTICE: You will need to enable Advanced Lighting in your preferences along with shadows for the best light effects.
    When you arrive at the gallery you will be prompted to accept the SLEA Experience.
    This just sets your EPP to Blackout If you don’t want to accept the experience just set your EEP to Blackout EEP.
    The gallery is a inverted mesh creation, created by Regi Yifu, Coordinator of SLEA. 
    FYI Cam out! There are no outer walls on the gallery so you can see in from outside!
    The inside walls are blank white, so all of the colors you will see are created with light! 
    There are interactive display that work on collision. 
    One person can collide with the signs which will will make red, green and blue images merge into a full color image.
    There are some free projectors and light effects in a gift box available for all to enjoy.
    There is a surprise area inside the center of the gallery…see if you can discover it! 
    FYI This center area is probably not the best place to go if you have epilepsy!

Ongoing Events at SLEA! 

SLEA1: Visit Machimina.Land Curated by Wizardoz Chrome

SLEA1: Sky Gallery 4 new artist through January 30, 2023

SLEA1: 360° ArtWalk Preparing for a new grant artist!

SLEA2: Preparing for a new grant artists

SLEA3: OPENS Jan 12th

SLEA4 “Music Lab” Curated by Livio Korobase

SLEA4 SW  Preparing for a new grant artist!

SLEA4 SE/NE:  Preparing for a new grant artist!

SLEA5: Be creative in the ART Sandbox! Join the SLEA Art Sandbox group to build. (Cleans Friday Mornings)

SLEA6:  Preparing for a new grant artist!

SLEA7: Preparing for a new grant artist!

SLEA8  Preparing for a new grant artist!

SLEA Bridge 1 and 2 for access to the Bridge Project Database

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