SLEA Week At A Glance, October 1, 2022

All events & Regions are accessible by using Main Landing


  • Region 1 NW – ’21 Abysses Evasion’ and ‘Cloud Crash’ curated by AsherahVirus, duhsein & Reaper196. Also check out Ash’s first youtube video based on the exhibits!
  • SLEA 4 SW – “Art is Love” Exhibit by Myra Wildmist
  • SLEA Sky Gallery – now open for viewing See art by TRIP, Tap Quentin, RoxKsie Logan, Kraven Kless, and Chioma
  • SLEA 2 – The Temple of the Divine Feminine’, Curated by Kisma

Reading and including art from the women’s collective!

Hyaecinte’s Scars ~ Women Survivors of Trauma

  • SLEA 7 – Machimina.Land, Curated by Wizardoz Chrome
  • SLEA1 SE – Turning 2D art into a 3D Wonderland AmandaT Tamatzui
  • SLEA 1 SW “Imaginarium” by Zaphod Pontoppidan
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