SLEA3: Grant Opening for Gem Preiz Color & Glow

Opening event of the installation of Gem Preiz ~COLOR & GLOW~ on March 12th – 1 pm SLT.
Music will be performed by Delain Canucci
COLOR & GLOW is the second of 3 installations that will be exhibited on SLEA 3 full sim grant during the first half of 2023.

It follows “LINES of LIGHT”, still on display on the same Sim (see landmark below), broadening the range of colors, opening the space to infinite horizons, and adding the dynamism of movements and changes. 12 colorful scenes alternate every 5 minutes in a loop. Those who follow Gem’s work may notice connections with some elements of previous installations (Elusive Reality, Borderless, and The Anthropic Principle). Enjoy this scenery full of colors and energy.

Essential settings:
* Graphics High or Ultra
* Advanced lighting model ON (no shadow necessary)
* Windlight : Shared environment
* Distance > 512 m

Please note :
* Please accept SLEA experience
* Particles are not used in this installation but some might be fired during the opening event, and in any case would become necessary if you visit “LINES of LIGHT” or “Borderless” afterwards

Click here to join us!

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