The Regi Yifu Light Gallery

SLEA has a new gallery! The Regi Yifu Light Gallery

NOTICE: You will need to enable Advanced Lighting in your preferences along with shadows for the best light effects.

When you arrive at the gallery you will be prompted to accept the SLEA Experience.
This just sets your EPP to Blackout If you don’t want to accept the experience just set your EEP to Blackout EEP.

The gallery is a inverted mesh creation, created by Regi Yifu, Coordinator of SLEA. 
FYI Cam out! There are no outer walls on the gallery so you can see in from outside! 
The inside walls are blank white, so all of the colors you will see are created with light! 

There are interactive display that work on collision. 
One person can collide with the signs which will will make red, green and blue images merge into a full color image.

There are some free projectors and light effects in a gift box available for all to enjoy.

There is a surprise area inside the center of the gallery…see if you can discover it! 
FYI This center area is probably not the best place to go if you have epilepsy!

Click to visit The Regi Yifu Light Gallery

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