The Soundbox at MusicLAB

The Soundbox is simply a sandbox but for sounds. You can play music here, whether it is a full show or just a track. You can also try out the tools you are using or are learning to use. This playground for sound is yours to play in! To use this area, located at in MusicLAB, just join the group MusicLAB (click on Betty for fast access)..

Any group member can set the parcel stream and play any sort of audio event. Performers approved by Livio or Renee with a special tag can also rez (remember to cleanup before you go).

The Soundbox

To set the stream, you can use the little box upper left on stage: join the correct group, copy URL of your stream, click the box and paste the URL in the dialog window, Submit. No need to go manage strange interfaces in parcel details.

soundbox stream changer
How to set the parcel audio stream.

For any questions about the use of soundbox, just contact Livio Korobase or Renee Rebane.

If you don’t know what is a audio stream or how make audio shows in Second Life, read our definitive guide: How to play music in Second Life.

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