Today Sky galleries features Tezlon

Sky Galleries presents Tezlon. Tezlon’s exhibit is called “Awakened Visions,” and it is magical. I feel uplifted by the colors and the spiritual imagery. This talented artist brings fantasy and spirituality into the same space perfectly.

He says:

 ” I find that many aspects of my being emerge throughout the Art. The forms flow and move into this world and I believe are created for people to have experiences with. I hope you enjoy the pieces I’ve brought into the Digital world of Second Life. It is an honor to share and give people pause if only for a moment. Be creative and always focus on sharing space with others of your tribe.”

Acrylic paints, inking, watercolor, ink wash, graphic design, digital illustration, digital painting, AI art combined with digital art.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Clip Studio Paint, Basic Blender, Procreate, AI Midjourney, NightCafe, DALL-E 2, Art Breeder, Poser, Big Sleep, Zbrush.

Published Work:
Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
Drumpro Magazine
Moreno Valley Magazine
Beyond Scifi- Monthly Anthology Authors Digital Magazine covers
The World of Tezlon Comic Book series, 10 issues to date
Kaiju Novel Cover
Second Life: worked for various creators for Marketplace adverts, club logo designs, and store logo designs
Various comic book illustrations, concept design, maps, character illustrations for Dark Elf Designs
Digital Color, flatting for Insomnia Ink Studios

Inspirational Artists:
Alex Grey, Vince Locke, Humberto Ramos, Tony Valente, Aki Shimizu, Matt Forsyth, Tsutomu Nihei, Akira Toriyama, Masamune Shirow, Katsuhiro Otomo

If you have not viewed this special gallery, please do before January 30 2023. If you would like to view more from Tezlon, and purchase art, please visit his home gallery The Art of Tezlon

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