Today Sky Galleries features Zia Branner

Second Life Endowment of the Arts Sky Galleries presents Zia Branner. Zia is a Real Life painter who generously shares her artwork with all of Second Life. She has a gallery and store in The Elven Falls Art Collective, among many of Second Life’s most talented creators and artists.

Zia is a gifted, warm soul reflected in her artwork. Her art appealed to me personally because of the colors and flow. Zia has a flair for making a scene from what she has viewed, turning it into a fantasy. She has an eye for turning something like a simple seashell into something dreamy and alive.

It is my pleasure to have her at the Sky Galleries, where she made a beautiful gallery that includes a hunt. If you have not been, we invite you to stroll through her little walkway to enjoy the art and find the gifts.

Zia’s exhibit is called “UKIYO”. UKIYO is a Japanese word. In its modern usage, the term is used to refer to a state of mind emphasizing living in the moment, detached from the difficulties of life.

Zia’s style is Abstract and Abstracted Land and Seascapes.
She says:

The quote ‘Art is rebellion against the finiteness of life’ fits me perfectly.

I recognize that rebelliousness in the fact that everything is transient, and in that sense painting is a kind of clinging to life. Like most people, I regularly think about all kinds of life issues. I collect special words from all kinds of languages ​​about this. They inspire me for a painting.
It also works the other way around: sometimes I paint on intuition and sometimes I have to paint because a scene or idea is constantly in my head. Then I find a word that fits.
I get inspiration from everywhere: from nature, from structures, in museums and from other painters from the past and present. I prefer to paint abstract and abstract landscapes and seascapes. With an occasional trip to figurative work. When choosing color and when making the composition, I mainly work on my feelings.
Painting is also a way for me to deal with the everydayness of existence. To literally and figuratively add color to the day. Something we can all use.
If a work of mine gives color to someone else’s life, I consider that a great compliment.”

Zia is currently showing at these locations :
SLEA Skye Galleries
Elven Falls – Zia’s art and store second on the right from this landing point


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