Today SLEA Sky Galleries features Denis Lenoir

SLEA Sky Galleries welcomes Denis Lenoir. Denis is a long-time creative Second Life resident. He has a flair for fashion and has had a popular clothing brand Kaju for many years. He creates his pieces from original mesh made mostly in Blender and Marvelous Designer. He uses various other creative 3d tools to achieve an individual touch. He began teaching himself the programs so that he could create some of the clothing he was not seeing when out shopping. He is generous with his work and time to help other residents who want to learn to create as well. Having conversations with Denis, I learned that he had attended and graduated from a school of the arts. He has quite an interesting background in the arts and comes from a family of creative people with various talents, including physical arts and creative writing. I had seen some of Denis’ digital art and told him that he should show his 2D work in Second Life. He has hit the ground running, and is currently showing art at The Elven Collective and Artscape and has a beautiful home gallery showing a full range of his artistic skills. It was my pleasure to have him join Sky Galleries after another artist had to cancel their showing.

His exhibit is called “Colors of the Spirit”.
The build used in his exhibit is a creation of his own and includes a 3d Piece showing off his 3D sculpting talent.
The style used in his gallery is 2D digital art. He has found a love for digital painting and 3D digital art and will continue to make original fashion designs for Second Life.

Denis says: “Art is a language without words…Let’s make a conversation.”

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