Today SLEA Sky Galleries features Kraven Klees

Today SLEA Sky Galleries features artist Kraven Klees. He is a gifted multimedia artist. Every piece of artwork seems to tell a tale. His work is otherworldly, emotional and powerful. Kraven is among Second Life’s most admired artists, and it is our pleasure to have him with us at SLEA until November 30, 2022.

His chosen title for his work is a fantastic description of what you will find in this collection: “The illusion of visible reality”, a fusion of fractals, photos, drawings, and 3d maps.

His Artist Bio Says :

For the last 25 years, Florida-based artist Kraven Klees has been experimenting with fractals, combining them with photos, drawings, paintings, and 3D maps. His current style shifts from abstract to bizarre, from earth tones to bright colors — all colliding to stir emotion and inspire the imagination. Klees has displayed his work across many well-known galleries and exhibits across the grid.

His current work can be found here in the Kraven Klees Gallery at White Harbor.

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