Today SLEA Sky Galleries features Mareea Farrasco

Today SLEA Sky Galleries is featuring artist Mareea Farrasco. Mareea is a fantastic Second Life Photographer and gallery Curator. Her artistic style is captivating, peaceful, and elegant. Through her lens, Second Life becomes a lovely pastel landscape that is both charming and realistic. A gifted curator, Mareea’s home gallery features many of Second Life’s most loved artists.

Mareea’s Exhibit “My Imaginary Land” can be viewed from now until November 30, 2022.

“This is a photography exhibition consisting of 9 landscapes, all taken at IMAGOLand & Galleries sim, edited in photoshop.” -Mareea’s description of her art in this installation.

Her biography says:

Mareea Farrasco is an SL photographer and owner of IMAGO Art Galleries, an art and culture area, displaying highly talented artists. Her photography covers a large field, from portraits to landscapes, from concrete to metaphoric images, from narrative scenes to simple forms and shapes exposed for themselves. The common line in all this diversity is pure emotion.
Pastel colors are her favorites, expressions of a nostalgic painterly mood. But sometimes she adds some color accents or, on a contrary, some dark shades and shadows, showing joy or fears, related to her feelings of the moment.
The pictures she creates are small steps in the indefinite journey to herself, in the middle of the noisy yet amazing Second Life.

Mareea’s Flickr pages
IMAGOLand and Galleries

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