Today SLEA Sky Galleries features Ted Edman

I first met Ted at his exhibit in Wolfgang Glinka’s gallery. I am always hungry to view something unique and this gallery caught my eye. The first thing I noticed was the interesting way his gallery was set up. Ted uses his Real Life photography to create storylines. He carefully places the pieces in the order he would like you to view them. Much of Ted’s gallery is based on the nude male form, politically inclined, and may not be suitable for general tastes. Due to this, a partial version of Ted’s gallery is shown at Sky Galleries. The great news is that Ted has a home gallery where the entire work is available to be viewed.

Wolfgang Glinka says this about Ted’s gallery “Are You Mental ??” :
“Are You Mental ?? By The London Photographer Ted Edman is a big show in every way. Challenging … not only beautiful, poignant and technically brilliant but also provocative, dramatic, explicit, and hard hitting in the way portrays life for some gay men in the fracturing society that is post Brexit Britain. The truth can make uncomfortable viewing – Ted Edman does not flinch or look away and neither should we.”

In his own words, Ted says:
“My career began as photographer assistant whilst I was at Uni studying communications, and after graduating, I climbed the ropes to become a successful photographer for the fashion and portrait industries. With almost 40 years of baggage… Now I dedicate my time to do provocative art projects.”

Are You Mental ??” Will be showing until January 30, 2023.

To learn more about this artist:
Visit Ted at the Sky Galleries at SLEA
Ted’s Home Gallery

~ Shug

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