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The Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. It is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community, guided by a dedicated group of volunteers and Second Life artists.  Coordinators will be evaluated bi-annually, and a Linden approved list of Liaisons assist the Coordinator.

Roles Explained


The SLEA Coordinator is the head of SLEA and has the ultimate responsibility for all things going on at the SLEA regions. In order to do so the Coordinator has been given ownership of the ten regions by Linden Lab. The Coordinator gives guidance to the team of Liaisons and Volunteers.

The Coordinator has the ability to make sole decisions for the greater good of SLEA and is under legal signed agreement with Linden Lab to represent as agreed.


If you see a person at one of the SLEA regions digging in the ground, carrying around undefined shapes, or helping a hand to move art works, there is a big chance you just met a Liaison.

Any region have a Liaison assigned, and is the person you can ask for anithing you need for build your project. Refer to the Organization Chart in this page if needed.

Liaisons are all volunteers, working closely together with the Coordinator, with each other, and with the artists that are interested to participate in SLEA. They are also the first contact persons for the general public to give information about the arts at SLEA. Liaisons can have different roles at different times: they can be the curator for a region or a gallery, poster on social media, a coach for beginning Grant Artists, etc. Liaisons have rights and abilities to properly perform these roles. Liaisons also play a role in the decision process around Grants.

Feel free to contact them with any questions: they have access to all information about SLEA.

Liaisons are expected to have a broad knowledge of SLEA, the SLEA Mission Statement, and basic Standard Operational Procedures. They are a link to Grant Artists and the general Second Life public. They show a willingness to assist the Coordinator and believe in what they are doing. 


SLEA is happy to have a small crowd of Volunteers that perform, assist, or help out on a number of activities that need to take place. These can be temporary projects or ongoing specialized duties such as social media curators, and various returning activities, like hosting during events, blogging to inform the Second Life community, etc. Volunteers can also be deployed for new and/or unique activities and in general they contribute to the growth of SLEA.

Second Life Endowment for The Arts Team

SLEA Linden LAb Representative:

  • Izzy Linden

SLEA Team:

SLEA is also driven by the creative contributions of many fantastic volunteers with special skills, talents and a passionate interest in the arts. They have helped build and design the current SLEA. There are several main curators who play a very important role in the operations of SLEA:

  • Dido Haas: Curator of SLEA Facebook
  • Carla Heartsong: our resident security engineer and videographer

Organization Chart

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